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CLARITY          Empty CLARITY

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:28 am

The following minerals help one obtain a state of Clarity:

[*] Fluorite
[*] Herkimer Diamond
[*] Obsidian
[*] Clear Quartz Crystal
[*] Rutilated Quartz
[*] Tourmaline


CLARITY          297013_301310229882620_172492109431100_1459671_1779009496_n

Herkimer Diamond

CLARITY          9740


CLARITY          22788

Clear Quartz Crystal <--- Also amplifies the benefits of other gemstones near it

NOTE: Clear Quartz Crystal is a MASTER HEALER; it can be programmed to help with anything

CLARITY          Q4583

Rutilated Quartz <---- (fyi, pricey)

CLARITY          Rtql146c

Tourmaline (Black)

CLARITY          BlackTourmalineHandsize-63x21x15-BlackTourMo2F


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