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Herbal application methods Empty Herbal application methods

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:26 am

The energetic vibration of plants help us to energize as well as balance our chakras. Drinking herbal teas, adding herbs to bathwater, adding herbal tincture/elixirs to your drinks, or even using herbal essential oils can help you to feel more balanced.

As far as administering the herbs are concerned, the methods are up to you. There is no right or wrong way to heal yourself with herbs. Just use common sense. DO research on each herb you choose to use. Some herbs are extremely potent, and should only be used in very small quantities, and should NOT be taken on a regular basis. (POKE ROOT, is an example of this.) Some herbs are mild enough to be given to infants orally regularly, as needed. (GENTIAN VIOLET is an example). So always read up on every herb, in order to find out exactly how much is needed for the method you choose, and what specific part of the plant is best for your needs. Each part of the plant's anatomy contain more or less of specific chemical components needed for healing. So check first to see if you should be using the: root.....stem....or leaf (or if it makes a difference; in some cases it will - some parts can be toxic because of concentration levels, some could be too weak for what you need). So read......read......read. Smile

Make sure you are getting your herbs from a reliable source. Buy organic, as often as possible. Do not purchase products that give the WARNING: "For External use ONLY" <---- that's a flat out RED FLAG that the ingredient combination is toxic. If you cannot ingest it, don't apply it to the skin or inhale it. Once inhaled, depending on the method you're using, it becomes internalized. Once applied to the skin, it becomes absorbed, and eventually gets into the blood stream.

There's a reason so many suffer for dis-eases like eczema and psoriasis. If it's not safe to eat....just DON'T put it on your skin.

((( ALL OF THE HERBAL INFORMATION I AM POSTING, IS FOR ADULTS ONLY ))). Since dosing for a child could be questionable, you may try looking for alternative methods for children or infants by speaking directly with a Holistic Pediatric practitioner.


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